Nutrition Coaching with a Flexible Approach

Accountability and nutrition coaching under the watchful eye of a certified coach.


How it works

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Congrats! You are deciding to take control of your health and wellness by understanding and monitoring your nutrition. This is a BIG deal and you should be proud. I'm so excited to help guide and coach you on this journey. I want to explain the process so you feel comfortable and ready to go!

Once you sign up, you'll receive an intake form that details all of your health, habits, and goals. This is what I'll use to create a custom nutrition plan for you. 

We will go over your plan, answer any questions you have, and make sure you are prepared for success.

You will have a weekly check-in when we can review all of your successes and struggles for the week. My goal is to help you learn about YOUR body, nutrition, and overall wellness. We can also make adjustments together as often as necessary as you get closer to your goals! 

You will also have 24-hour email access to ask questions, request workout suggestions, meal ideas, food timing, etc. I don’t succeed unless you do!

Nutrition Plans

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The pricing for all plans is based on a 3-month commitment. I'm asking you to commit to yourself and your health for at least 3-months. Why?

First, 3-months is ample time to genuinely see and feel a difference in your body composition and overall health. This isn't a quick-fix diet. Flexible dieting is a lifestyle change. 

Second, It usually takes people a few weeks to get the hang of journaling/tracking their food to reach your target goals. If it was easy, everybody would be walking around looking like a bikini model. 

Lastly, I don’t want you giving up on yourself. I’m here for you, and together we'll get you where you want to be. 

Please note, there are NO refunds and plans are reoccurring unless otherwise noted. A 10 day notice is required to cancel any recurring plans. 

Just looking to have your macros calculated without monthly coaching?

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Single-time Macro Calculation

You will receive customized macros based on your weight, activity, lifestyle, goals, etc. Along with custom macros, Lea will send you guidelines to ensure successful tracking & progress.



Partnering with Blue Lotus has been life changing. 24/7 support and easy access to health documents. Lea has encouraged me to think outside the box and try new foods. Lea is very transparent, confident in her education, and addresses “real” people issues.
— Nicole Elaine
These last few months have been great becasue I’ve been able to increase my workout consistency and maintain a healthy food intake- AT THE SAME TIME. I needed accountability! This is HUGE for me, thanks Lea!
— Leah Reed
Starting with Blue Lotus has been the best life decision I’ve ever made! Not only has Lea’s programming given me this wonderful confidence but I have a great relationship with food! I say this all the time but Lea has truly changed my life for the better!
— Sarah Paige
It was not until I started with Blue Lotus that I FINALLY started to hit goals I was not even coming close to before. My relationship with food is SO much better. I enjoy what I’m eating and don’t feel deprived. The best “HEALTH” decision I’ve made!
— Tawny H